Youtube goes Vuvuzela??

Was watching a very funny movie tonight on Youtube when I noticed a new icon in the bottom. A small soccer ball in the lower right hand corner of the video screen:

Now it is World cup time but this particular video had nothing to do with that at all so I was a bit puzzled. A mouse-over had no result, there was no help text so I simply clicked it. It turned out to dish out a loud recording of the Vuvuzela horns that are so popular right now in the Soccer World cup in South-Africa. No clue why!

Some googling resulted in a lot of similarly confused reactions and a lot of guessing.
I think it could very well be a kind of rebellious act on Youtube’s part. With all the television networks filtering out the Vuvuzela sounds from the matches Youtube is doing the exact opposite. They are actually giving you an option to turn it on! Sort of an Reverse-Anti-Vuvuzela-Filter.

Curious to see what they come up with next!