BLUG for Belux.. ehh BeNeLux Lotus User Group!

Yes, it has happened! As announced yesterday BLUG no longer stands for BeLux (Belgium and Luxembourg) Lotus User Group but now merges with the Dutch user group NLLUG to become the Benelux Lotus User Group!

I think this is great. As most of us who actively visit User Groups know, the one thing that any user group needs is a strong and preferable independent leadership. Someone who will give it their all to make it a success. Sometimes by one person, sometimes by a group of people. Marnix Kemme was that person for the Dutch Lotus user group NLLUG for years. He helped put NLLUG on the map with some really great user group events (who can forget the Keynote in the Amsterdam Arena!) but after he moved to IBM it became silent around NLLUG…. Too silent….

Trying to revive NLLUG a separate track was organized in the IBM Social Business event in Rotterdam last June. Offering user group sessions to customers as part of a larger social business convention. It was great after not having anything since 2010 but it simply couldn’t stand up to the great NLLUG events of 2009 & 2010 and as BLUG was already attracting lots of Dutch visitors it was time to move on. It’s something I’ve personally been feeling very strong about as I really feel that having user groups is important and from experience with Social Connections know first hand how much work it is. I can only be happy that Theo Heselmans and his team are taking on the challenge and I’m sure he will make the Benelux user group just as big a success as the Belgium one is!  At the same time I can only thank Marnix who has always tried his utmost best to keep NLLUG alive and even when his role as an IBM employee meant he had to take a step back still ensured it was not forgotten. From personal experience of working with him on the Social Business event I can only say he truly was Mr NLLUG and I also know he has played a big role in making this user group merger possible.

Times change, we change with them. It’s time for the new and in this case the new BLUG. Leuven prepare for the Dutch because we are coming to BLUG 2013!

red. BLUG 2013 will be held in Leuven, Belgium on March 21/22. For more information keep an eye on the BLUG site!

Session slides for my NLLUG / SocBiz2012 presentation on Gamification [DUTCH]

Location: Rotterdam

NLLUG May 15th & 16th Rotterdam (update 2)

Check your calendar and move those dates! NLLUG and the Social Business convention that were planned for April 17th & 18th in the Amsterdam Arena are now to be held on May 15th &16th in the Rotterdam ‘Kuip’. Home of soccer club Feijenoord and traditionally arch enemy of Ajax whose stadion was first booked for this event. Apparently there is a soccer fan at play here seeing as we are moving from one stadion to another but I’m sure it’ll turn out great as both venues have a lot to offer!

For one: It is a lot closer to home for me 🙂

NLLUG April 17th & 18th (site launched!)

 As I mentioned in my earlier blog NLLUG will be back this year as part of a larger Social Business convention on April 17th & 18th in the Amsterdam Arena. The official site just launched and although it still is very empty and doesn’t yet have any info on speakers & program I’m sure we’ll be seeing some major updates soon!
Keep posted.

NLLUG 2012 returns!

W00t! NLLUG is coming back!

After a very successful 2 day NLLUG in 2010 and missing out on it last year it is time for NLLUG 2012! As part of the Social Business Convention, NLLUG is returning to the Amsterdam Arena for a two day, 4 track, 45+ session event.

OGS @ NLLUG 2010

It’s all still very fresh (as of today the NLLUG site is still showing 2010 stuff), but I’m sure more details will follow shortly. For those that weren’t there two years ago: The Amsterdam Arena is one of the biggest soccer stadiums of The Netherlands and a great venue for such an important event. The picture above was taken during the 2010 OGS…..

So if last time was anything to go by then this is going to be one you shouldn’t miss! Make sure to block the 17th and 18th of April and keep an eye out for further announcements!

NLLUG Social Plugins Tungle & Gist – UPDATED –

Session slides from my Social Plugin (Tungle & Gist) session for NLLUG (translated into ENGLISH!!):

The original slides (in Dutch) can be found on Slideshare

Other useful links:
– Tungle website: here
– Gist website: here
– Taking Notes podcast with interview with Tungle executive
– link to podcast on Tungle form IdoNotes
– link to podcast on Gist from IdoNotes
Webcaston deployment of widgets & plugins


Second day at NLLUG, the Silversidecrew is ready to go!

(Kasia, Effy, Robbert)

NerdGirls in Amsterdam

In two weeks time NLLUG the biggest Lotus event of the year in The Netherlands will  take place in the Amsterdam Arena. There is a real buzz surrounding the NLLUG already if you follow twitter and several of the blogs and for good reason! The line up is pretty impressive and the diversity of topics and speakers makes it interesting for almost anyone involved in Lotus products.

My personal favorite: The “NerdGirls: Get social!” session. An informal social session for any girls out there involved in Lotus. A possibility to meet and mingle with other NerdGirls and learn how to connect through Twitter, Skype or LinkedIn. Sharing information with a worldwide network of women within the Lotus community.

So join us on Thursday September 9th and tell your (female) coworkers to come!

As with all NerdGirls events, men are welcome to join as well!