Lotusphere…. what Social is about!

Just home after a very long day/night of traveling it’s finally time to do some reflecting on the past week. It’s hard to put into words what it is I’ve been experiencing this week and while writing this blog post thousands of images, experiences and faces shoot through my head that made this week so special. It was only my second Lotusphere but I felt at home there as if I had been there for at least 20 years. And most of that is due to the incredible community.

How strong that community is was probably best shown in the “NERD101 Spark ideas” session. A very a-typical session as it wasn’t about software or business, it was about life and life’s lessons. With 6 speakers chosen from the community talking about items that inspired them hoping to inspire others. The room was packed and it was a fantastic session. With some very personal stories.

Now what made it extra special to me was that on Wednesday I happened to find myself in the elevator with one of the outside press analysts specially invited. He was on his way out and we got talking (shortly). When I asked him how he’d found the Lotusphere experience and what had surprised him most he mentioned the Sparks session. He’d seen it in the schedule and visited it, not knowing what to expect. He loved the topics and the fact that there was a group of NerdGirls organizing it. But most importantly he was surprised to see how close a community we really are.

@CuriousMitch talking about ‘Get cancer, get social’

So although I’m sure that didn’t make it into his article I can’t help but feel proud of this. Social business is about getting people to work together and connecting in ways they haven’t tried before. Sometimes that means going off the beaten track and exploring new grounds. Having an purely inspirational session at a Tech conference, lead by the community and presented by the community is, in my eyes, definitely going off the beaten track. And I couldn’t think of a better community then the Lotus community to embrace it!

Lotusphere 2012 wasn’t just Social, it showed what Social is about!

Lotusphere Sparks session!

It’s getting close to Lotusphere. The excitement is building up with the session overview being announced today and less then a month to go till OGS! Busy times especially for the speakers who’s slides are due any day now.  

Not selected as a speaker? There is still a chance for you too. The “NERD101: Spark Ideas, featured by the Nerd Girls” gives everyone that has an inspiring story to tell a chance to be on that Lotusphere stage!

Courtesy of  NerdGirls

There is a new type of session at Lotusphere this year and the speaker is….. you!

Spark Ideas is session in which we bring together a group of people to discuss what inspires us. Lead by Kristen Lauria, Vice President Marketing for IBM Social Business, a group of speakers will share their experiences, inspiration, challenges, etc., during a compilation of five minute talks.

Want to participate?  There’s still time to submit your abstract!  The topic can be anything that you feel is relevant from how you were inspired by your math teacher to go into computing, a unique personal experience or story, how you juggle your busy job and coaching little league soccer, or describing your hobby or family project.  Whatever you think would inspire your colleagues and friends in the room!

So don’t hesitate if you feel you’ve got something to contribute.

How?? To sign up, simply send your abstract (maximum 500 words) to info@nerdgirlgroup.com with a short bio telling us who you are.

But be quick because time is running out!  Submit your abstract by December 19, 2011.  Final selection of abstracts will be made public in the beginning of January.  

We hope to see you in January in Orlando, let’s Spark!

This Week in Lotus 81 – yep I can't spell my own name

Ok, so there’s a first time for everything and this week it was being a guest on the This Week In Lotus podcast discussing the Redbook Residency, abstracts and NerdGirl activities at Lotusphere 2012. It was nervewracking…. Lets say that some great editing by @StuartMcIntyre and @DarrenDuke eventually saved the day.  

Still, had lot’s of fun doing it and it accounted for some great bloopers (included in the last 3 minutes of the podcast).

and for those who wonder… Yes, in normal live I’m perfectly able to spell my own name🙂

Spark Ideas – Brought to you by Nerd Girls

Do you know how some stories can be really inspiring? Stories and ideas that you never heard or thought of before and that really hit you right in the heart? Ideas that spark…..

Can you tell such a story?

Then we are looking for you. We are proud to present the Sparks session. A Lotusphere session brought to you by Nerd Girls where up to 6 people will have a chance to share their awesome experience with the crowd in a short 5-6 min presentation.

The topic? Anything you think is relevant, from how to inspire kids to go into ICT to how you managed to incorporate your cart racing addiction into your work. Anything goes as long as you can tell it in under 5-6 minutes and feel it could inspire the rest of us!

But… You have to sell it in a short abstract to us.  Based on these abstracts a panel will decide which speakers will be allowed to tell their awesome story.  Do you need to be a NerdGirl?? No! This is open to everyone, both men and women. It’s not about gender it’s about inspiring your fellow Lotuspherians and Sparking your idea in their mind. Will it get me something? It isn’t a contest so there won’t be any prizes but it will give you the opportunity to climb on an official Lotusphere stage and tell your story to a captivated audience.

So don’t hesitate if you feel you’ve got something to contribute. I’m sure there are more than enough people out there that have some story worth sharing. Spark your idea and sign up!

How?? To sign up send your abstract (max 500 words) to info@nerdgirlgroup.com with a short bio telling us who you are. Final selection of abstracts will be made public in the beginning of January.
And don’t hesitate to alert others to this if you know of people that have something worth telling.

Let’s spark some ideas!

Nerdgirl Geekiness

So I’m going to Lotusphere 2012…Yeah!!! Ok, I understand probably not very exciting to you but for me it is. And I’m looking forward to it!!!

One of the things I’m particulary looking forward to is the Nerd Girls “Great Geek Challenge”. A battle of the Geeks and THE moment for the community to glorify it’s geekiness and have some fun.  Ok, yes, overdoing it a bit here but just love the geeky thing.

Check out Gabriella Davis blog on Turleweb or the Great Geek Challenge site for more details. This is one ‘session’ you shouldn’t miss!

NerdGirls in Amsterdam

In two weeks time NLLUG the biggest Lotus event of the year in The Netherlands will  take place in the Amsterdam Arena. There is a real buzz surrounding the NLLUG already if you follow twitter and several of the blogs and for good reason! The line up is pretty impressive and the diversity of topics and speakers makes it interesting for almost anyone involved in Lotus products.

My personal favorite: The “NerdGirls: Get social!” session. An informal social session for any girls out there involved in Lotus. A possibility to meet and mingle with other NerdGirls and learn how to connect through Twitter, Skype or LinkedIn. Sharing information with a worldwide network of women within the Lotus community.

So join us on Thursday September 9th and tell your (female) coworkers to come!

As with all NerdGirls events, men are welcome to join as well!