Job interview with a twist

Usually I don’t really buy into these as it is of course a clever way of advertising a beer brand, but… I do love the premises of taking a process like the hiring process that is so standard, mandated and rigid that it has taken out any chance of really showing your true personality as a candidate and twisting it around completely to become something in which you can’t help but show something of yourself. But more then that, I love the idea of the voting. Making the hiring process a team endeavor and embedding the candidate into the organization before he even realizes it.

Ok, just watch it, you’ll see what I mean!


Burning the midnight Soc'oil

To be Socially engaged on online Social Networks into the wee hours of the night.

The incessant staying up not to miss out on all the social fun. Often caused by having a very lively online Social Network that is mostly located on the other side of the pond and the abundant availability of devices that make accessing ones social tools (Skype, Twitter, Facebook, etc) possible everywhere and anytime (eg. in bed). Doing it long enough could have detrimental consequences for sleep patterns and cause the subject to dream in ‘tweets’. (Though that could be seen as a good pre-Lotusphere training where sleep is hard to come by anyway).

Derived from a combination of the word ‘Social‘ and the phrase “burning the Midnight Oil“: To work late into the night. Originally this was by the light of an oil lamp or candle but is nowadays replaced by the blueish shine of electronics and iShinies, hence the figurative terminology.

Related terms:
Insomniac, hermit, Twitter-critter

Drijg briev!

Ok, sometimes you just need to not take yourself too serious. Especially when it comes to thinking about your life and career. On moments like that I can always trust on my Mum. She has saved every little scrap of paper I ever produced and among those are some real gems of personal insight. This one (I was 8) is one of those. Now, it is in Dutch (if you discount the numerous typo’s) and it would lose its significance in translation but it reads more or less: “Mama this is a threat letter. Give me 200 cents”. Apparently I handed it to her with a smile on my face.

Luckily for me I lost those criminal urges early on and chose a different career path because I don’t think it would have sustained me for very long (200 cents!).

Frozen blackberry

Nerdy talk

Overheard in the office: Can you CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+M, CTRL+V, ALT 1 that?

translation: Can you send me a copy?

Project success factor

Geek Jewelry

Wedding rings for a Nerd-couple.
To divorce: “Simply unplug”….

Just for laughs

Ok, not work related at all but one that really gave me a good Monday morning laugh 🙂

Ignore the guy talking in Dutch (he’s just talking about the fish).

The ultimate women's lifesaver……

Yesterday while waiting for a customer a colleague asked about my laptop case. I’ve got one of those with wheels that you can pull around in stead of carry. Hé! It’s my mobile office, I don’t see you carrying your desk on your back, right! According to him it was more acceptable for women to have one with wheels as they tend to carry around a lot more stuff.

Mmm…… that got me thinking so later that evening I unpacked my bag to see what was actually in it.

 I think I’m pretty organized!

Ok, I’ve got two mouses, about 7 pens and two emergency sewing sets (?!?) in there which is a bit much….

But in general I don’t think I carry around excessive amounts of stuff.  Especially if I compare it to some of these!


Heard a co-worker’s company car got stolen today. Wouldn’t have minded if it was mine, would solve some Personal Liability problems…..

Like the unexplainable scratches (“No I didn’t do that! The wall just ran into my door, than ran around the car and did it again……twice!“) or the sticky carpet caused by the fact that I only saw this brilliant solution after I spilled a full cup of diet coke over the carpet…..