IBM Connections Explained: all about files!

Ok, I admit, this one was a long time in coming but it’s finally here! The next video in my little series on IBM Connections usage questions. This time it’s all about files and especially about the difference between :

  • Attachments vs Files
  • Personal vs Community files

I hope it helps explain a little what the difference is between them and how to use each. Good luck!


IBM Connections explained: Why a "Like" matters!

I often get asked about things in IBM Connections that need some explaining. One of them is the value of using the Like button in IBM Connections and whether people really should use it in a corporate environment. Let me be clear: You should! But in stead of writing another blog on why I decided to do it a little different this time and try my luck on explaining it in a video. I hope this will help!


I’ll try to do a few more like these over the coming weeks and in case you guys have questions you would like to get an answer to in regards of IBM Connections functionality let me know! who knows, I might do that one next then 🙂

Connecting to Connect: Andrew Grill – shifting from Social Media to Social Business

Andrew Grill moved from social influencer statistics in the Social Media realm and being the CEO of KRED to focusing on adoption of Social Business in his new role at IBM Interactive. He made time on Wednesday  between his sessions, meetings and panels to talk about social analytics, how Social Business is the next step after Social Media, his role within IBM and the conference at large.

Download link – MP3

Andrew Grill: BlogTwitter

Social Business Engagement Center for IBM Connect


Screenprint of Social Business Engagement Center during the last day of the conference

Connecting to Connect: Thomas (aka Duffbert) Duff and a little heckling from the social balcony

I’m not the only one who isn’t at IBM Connect and absolutely missing it! Tom Duff who nowadays spends his days working on SharePoint talks to me about how it is to not be there, what impression he got from the OGS and how it is to go from being an established speaker in the Domino realm to starting out all over in the SharePoint community.

Download link – MP3

Thomas (aka: Duffbert) Duff: Twitter
SharePoint blog
Regular blog

Link to the #SP24 session abstract vote site

Connecting to Connect: Warren Elsmore about… LEGO!

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“The IBM Champions in LEGO”

LEGO? Yes LEGO! It might be a tech conference but where there are nerds LEGO is soon to follow. No wonder that Warren Elsmore – who went from being a consultant to being a full time Lego professional and book author – is there to liven up the social cafe!

Download link – MP3

Warren Elsmore: BlogTwitter
Brick city – LEGO for Grown ups” (book)
The IBM Connect game leaderboard… in LEGO!


Update 30-01-2014: Warren kept his promise and made me a LEGO figurine, thanks Warren!

Connecting to Connect: Tony Holder about IBM Connect from the showcase floor

For Tony Holder from HADSL IBM Connect is mostly concentrated around the Showcase floor. He tells about his day, watching the OGS from the livestream (eventhoug he was within striking distance!), the cool gadgets that are to be had at the booths and the fact that any excuse to sit down is a good thing when you are standing all day!

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Tony HolderTony Holder: Twitter
The best showcase giveaway this year…

Connecting to Connect: Bill Malchisky about BP day, soccer, sessions and Linux Fest

And we’re off! Day one (or is it day zero?!?) of IBM Connect is underway. Bill Malchisky makes time between sessions to tell us all about Saturday’s socer tournament, Business Partner day, Linux Fest and the upcoming Sunday night party.

Download link – MP3

Bill MalchiskyBill Malchisky: BlogTwitter

Linux Fest: Thursday 12:30-13:30 in Dolphin Oceanic II bring your box lunch!

Connecting to Connect – Adam Brown about Kudos Boards & Connect

30hrs in a plane from Tasmania to get to Orlando… You have to hand it to Adam Brown, he is keen to be there! Between jetlag and the Saturday morning Connect soccer tournament he took the time to talk to me from his conference hotel room before heading over to register and start an exciting week.

Download link – MP3

Adam Brown: TwitterBlog
Kudos Suite
Kudos Board